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A Message To PM Narendra Modi

"Students Against Corruption"

Dedicated To All My Engineering Friends

A Message To PM Narendra Modi From Engineers -

"Sir we have done 22 years of hard work commitments and with hope. Our parents have invested lakhs of rupees for our education but sir what is the use of it? Even after hard work for such a long time we are unemployed. My college didn't even call up for a single company in campus drive.
My seniors asked me to create account in
naukri but no use. I only get updates for b.p.o and tech supports. Sir s.s.l.c is more than enough to work in a b.p.o Seniors then asked me to go in search of a job myself.I did but companies today don't need fresher's they only need experience candidate.
Companies are hiring fresher's only if they have good reference.. But I don't have reference or influence :-I ' failed '
Then some people asked me to approach some industries and to hand over my resumes to hand it over to watch man's. I even did that but watch man answers me that our company has vacancies only for ITI and Diplomas, we don't need engineers. I failed.
Then some people suggested me to join some consultancy. I even did that. Consultancy showed me a ray of hope. They arranged me for an interview. I went there first question asked by H.R. was :-
"What will you do from morning till evening?"
I answered that I SEARCH jobs.
He laughed at me and suggested to join some courses. Okay!! I even did that by investing some more money to complete my dreams.
Then consultancy arranged me for one more
interview, I went there it was a small scale
industry. I got selected in 3 rounds of interview. H.R offered me 8000 to 10000 rupees per month with a two years bond in a metropolitan city where I at least need 10000 rupees to fulfill my basic needs has a bachelor. Respected sir would you accept this type of a job?
I guess NO.
My friend who has secured very less marks
than me us working in a M.N.C will a package
of 25000 because he had influence..
Sir we have invested lakhs and have done hard work not to earn 8000.
We avoid attending family programmes not
because we have EGO but its because we don't have job.. First question asked by relatives is
"What are you doing now?"
Sir I feel ashamed to answer this question.
Whenever I call my parents the first question
they asked me is "Did you get a Job? ". I again feel ashamed.
I have to ask money from my dad atleast for
food and shelter. This is the most worst
moment, I feel ashamed..
One small request sir if India don't have potential to give employment stop giving license to new colleges. 50 new Engineering college are been permitted every year in my state. Is that important? Around 2 lakh students are joining for engineering every year only in my state.
Why is that sir?. I have lost all my faith because I have gone through very bad times and failures.

This is not only my story , but every engineer who don't have money and influence.


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